Approval has been granted to St Johns County from the State to open Vacation Rentals as per Executive order 20-123.   

St. Johns County - Short-Term Vacation Rental Updated Reopening Plan

Guidelines for Property Owners and Managers June 9, 2020

In accordance with section 4 of Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order Number 20-123, Full Phase 1: Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery, the following updated plan will allow short-term vacation rental reservations and the acceptance of guests arriving in St. Johns County, effective immediately. Following implementation, this updated plan will be reviewed weekly and updated as needed.


Vacation rental reservations from areas with substantial community spread as identified by Governor DeSantis through Executive Orders as high-risk (currently CT, LA, NJ and NY) that require isolation or quarantine must be for periods longer than the mandated quarantine period. Guests occupying those vacation rentals must adhere to all quarantine restrictions. Areas may be added or deleted based upon further Executive Orders by the Governor without the need for further amendment of the plan.

Health and Safety of Guests

 The property owner and manager for each vacation rental shall ensure compliance with the safety measures and best practices outlined in the guidance published by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), “Information for Vacation Rentals Pursuant to Executive Order 20-123 as Issued on May 15, 2020,” a copy of which is available at the DPBR’s website. The recommended DBPR safety measures and best practices are adopted as minimum standards and are listed below.

o Maintain adequate time between the conclusion of a guest stay and the check-in of the next guest stay for appropriate cleaning and sanitation.

o Clean and disinfect all frequently-touched surfaces in the property between each guest stay.

o Wash all linens, dishware, and other service items available for use by guests between each guest rental.

o Provide sufficient soap and surface sanitation supplies for guests to utilize in the vacation rental property during the guest’s rental period.

o Ensure adequate safety protocols are in place and publicly displayed, in line with CDC guidance, regarding shared or multi-residence amenities such as pools, gyms, and other communal spaces.

Other Best Practices

Effective May 18, 2020, the following best practices are also recommended for vacation rentals that are accepting reservations and guests for any length of stay:

  • Use mobile platforms for customer service and communication with guests, including the acceptance of payments by mobile or electronic methods.
  • Minimize direct guest contact with property owners or managers through remote check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Post signage or other notices regarding the cleaning practices that are completed prior to each stay.
  • Display signage or notices to guests in the rental property to frequently remind guests to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the wiping and sanitation of touched surfaces.